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An Unedited Excerpt

© Copyright Mari Byrne, 2003.

Chapter Five

Unedited excerpt from ‘The Queens’ Warriors by Mari Byrne

Chapter Five

Shan Lin and Vincent watched as Shari opened the door and ran smack into a wall. The wall was currently asking their bride if there was something she needed.

“Good afternoon My Lady Princess. How may I serve you?”

Winters. Thank you father, for Winters. Shan Lin pathed to his brother relief in his words.

“What do you want to bet he has her ensconced in a comfy chair with biscuits and drink before she can remember just where it was she was going? In say…two minutes?”

Shan Lin chuckled at his brother and walked toward a seamless door in the wall. Opening it, he began to pull out a set of clothing for himself. Grimacing slightly at the thought of putting on anything to cover his raging hard-on, Shan Lin shrugged, then set his teeth against the pain to come.

The suffering was in deed painful. His cock ached to slide deep into Shari’s pussy and pump hard until she screamed out her pleasure and he emptied the full weight of his seed into her.

“Shan Lin…”

The acute longing in Vincent’s voice brought him back to the present and sighed deeply. Looking over at his brother sheepishly, Shan Lin did his best to push his craving need aside. He nearly whined at Vincent as he felt the same longing in his brother.

“Sorry. The bet is too easy. Trust me…” His voice paused as he listened to Winters comfort Shari and assure her he would have clothing brought for her immediately.

“He’ll calm her down enough for us to speak to her about her being our wife.” Shan Lin’s voice spoke to Vincent inside the clothing room.

Vincent growled.

“Not that it matters, brother mine. The woman won’t be leaving us any time soon, whether she wants to or not.”

“No. She won’t be.”

Shari didn’t know how it happened. All to soon she was surrounded by luxury as a sweet old man attended to her ever need as if she were the Queen of England, or something.

She’d had it all set. She was going to walk out the door, find her way outside, and run for her life to the nearest police station. Once there, she was going to let them know two crazy men were on the loose.


Yeah right.

Unfortunately, it had not happened that way. The man, Winters, had gently grasped her arm and escorted her out of the doorway down the long hallway she had spied behind him.

Before she could demand to know where she was going, he had patted her hand in a fatherly motion and told her to leave everything up to him. He would tend to those two. His gesture had been in the direction of the room she had just left, indicating just which two he was talking about. Sniffing disdainfully as if they were scum, Winters had led her to where she now sat.

Shari nearly giggled now thinking about it. The aggravated tone of his voice had been mixed with some other emotion she hadn’t caught, she was too busy at the time gawking.

The room she currently resided in was a thing of splendor. Four pillars stood floor to ceiling holding the roof up. They were intricately carved with small scenes of what she assumed to be daily life. The chair she sat in now was made of expensive material velvety soft against her naked flesh. The rug she ran her feet back and forth across felt like pure silk.

Lost in sensory delight of the room, Shari almost missed Winters as he walked in front of her.

“Excuse me. Winters, right?”

“Yes, My Lady Princess? Was there something else I can get you?”

“We’ll take it from here Winters.” Vincent’s gravely voice sounded from behind Shari startling her.

“That is unless Shari would feel safer if you stayed.” This from Shan Lin making Shari crane her neck backward to watch the two men walk toward her.

The sight the two men sent her hormones into overdrive. They seemed to have dressed with the qualifications of minimal clothing required. The sight of them with hard-ons stretching above their navels was one thing, and could drive a saint to orgasm. Dressed as they were now in worn, matte-black, leather pants riding low on their hips, they were a sight to send any woman to the floor and worship.

Her gaze tried to take in the whole package at once, but her vision seemed to be stuck in the middle where the men’s abs looked as if they would be able to stop bricks.

“Shari?” The rumbled question came from Vincent.

“Ummmmmm…?” Shari all but purred as she felt her nipples tighten and moisture began to form between her thighs. Her plan of escape forgotten at the sight of the bounty before her.

Maybe she could stick around for just a little wh…

“Here.” An amused voice spoke.


Shari, lost in a world where those bodies were sliding under, over, and into her, turned dreamily to find Shan Lin on the other side of her chair. He was holding out some kind of clothing toward her. Admiring the rippling muscles in front of her, she absentmindedly took hold of the clothing.

Tucking the material in her lap, Shari reached out to touch the gorgeous skin. So soft and supple, yet granite hard. She hardly noticed the drool begin to collect at the side of her mouth.

It wasn’t until a throat cleared to her right she reluctantly turned her attention back to a voice calling her name.

“What…? Oh.” She prayed none of the men noticed the blush as she wiped the slobber from her chin. She tried to bluff her way out of it.

“Yes, well… Can you tell me what’s really going on? You seem to be the stable one in this bunch.”

Winters smiled winningly at Shari and she knew she hadn’t managed to pull anything off. He was gentle as he answered her.

“Of course My Lady Princess. What would you like to know?”

My Lady what? Maybe he hadn’t been the one to ask after all. Straightening up in her chair and hitching her covering higher still, she tried again.

“Where am I? Let’s start with that and go from there.”

Winters nodded agreeably.

“Of course My Lady Princess. You’re in the Queendom of Aranak in the realm of Azaya.”

Shari gaped at the man.

“Was that all you wished to know My Lady Princess?”

Quickly, closing her mouth, she shook her head negatively.

“Um… The Queendom of Aranak? The realm of Azaya? Where on Earth exactly am I?”

“Earth? No dear.” Winters reached out patting her hand with a look of sympathy in his eyes. “You’re in Azaya now. Earth is another realm in the universes. Here, in Azaya, you have Aranak, Horrd, Zynthia, Stocklem, Xaneria, Kled…”

Shari shook her head in astonishment at the man. He had to be a loon too. Even though he had stopped speaking, he was nodding his head in the affirmative.

“Yes My Lady Princess. It’s true. There are other realms. My Lord Princes would be more then happy to…”

This could not be happening. It could not.


She turned her head from Winters and found Vincent had been calling her name softly in a tone she would normally reserve for a person in shock.

“Shari, you’re really in another realm. If when we’re done speaking you want proof, we’ll show you. But please, hear us out first.”

Shari felt a hand grasp one of hers and turned to find Shan Lin on his knees at her side.

Misha. When we came to your door in the Earth…”

Shari opened her mouth to object to the term Earth, and was quickly silenced.

“…realm we did so to check on you. We saw what happened and were worried.”

“But you don’t even know me!” Shari cried helplessly.

Shan Lin stroked a hand down her arm again.

“It’s true, but we went to check on you none-the-less.”

Shari tried to think about someone caring for her she had never met before and could not wrap her mind around it.

“It’s true. We came to your door to check on you. There is something about you…a strength we sensed in you. We wanted to meet you and…”

“So you kidnapped me, stripped me, and stood over me naked with raging hard-ons until I woke up and you could speak to me?”

Shan Lin winced. Put that way…

Vincent made a rude noise.

“No. We married you.”

Shan Lin looked up at Vincent and tried to keep the smile off his face. The frustration in his brother’s voice amused him. He stroked a hand down Shari’s arm to gain back her attention. His grin widened as he watched Shari glare at Vincent.

“What my brother is so eloquently trying to say is we have need of you just as you have need of us.”

Shari knotted her brows as she finally turned toward Vincent.

“What do you mean have need of me? Outside of a good psychiatrist’s phone number or the name of a great psycho ward, I can’t think of anything the two of you would need from me.”

“We’re not insane, Shari. I swear to you.”

Vincent’s voice, when he spoke, was eloquent, seducing her to listen to the crazy words he was spouting. It was the only defense Shari could come up with to justify continuing to sit here and listen to the two men tell her these lies. Not to mention, to continue to sit there stark naked.

Vincent, who had been standing just a few feet away, suddenly came forward and knelt at Shari’s feet. She stared down at him while he lifted her other hand and brought it to his lips.

“I’ll make you a deal Misha. Why don’t you get dressed, and afterwards, we’ll take you outside and let you see Aranak for yourself. You can go into Naralin, which is the closest town to our home, and find out for yourself. If afterward you still think we’re crazy, we’ll send you home.”

Shari listened and breathed a sigh of relief. If she could get outside, she had a good chance to get away. If she could just slip…

“However,” Vincent interrupted her escape plan. “If you find you’d rather stay here a while longer with your new husbands, agree to sit and listen to what we have to say, and find out that there really are more inhabitants in your realm of worlds then any human could ever dream of.”

Shari nodded her agreement immediately. She was going to be able to get out of this situation. With clothes on no less, and she wasn’t even going to have to fight her way out. It was the best deal she had ever been given. The best thing anyone…

Shari forced herself to quit nodding and her brain to cease babbling. If she was going to pull this off, she had to pull her thoughts together and form a plan for when she finally got outside.

“Good. We’ll leave you now to dress. When you’re ready, Winters will be just outside the door to take you through the house. All right?”

Shari found her head bobbing up and down once more and kept nodding until the three men got up and left the room closing the door behind them.

Not daring to think they might just change their mind and come back in, Shari jumped out of her chair to dress. Fumbling with the clothing Shan Lin had handed her, she began to unravel the fabric and hurriedly slipped on the butter soft material, barely paying attention to just what she wore.

The pants fit her nearly like a second skin but seemed to stretch with her every movement never restricting her movements. The shirt was mid-sleeved and came to rest at the top of the pants. The color of both seemed to be a mixture of sea green and teal blue.

All this she noticed peripherally as she pulled the clothing on as fast as she could.

When the shirt and pants were on, she wondered absently if they’d forgotten to give her underclothes on purpose. Thought she did need a bra, even if it was just one more shield of a woman’s armor she would love to have at the moment.

Thinking of shields, she looked around her chair praying Shan Lin had shoes there and she just hadn’t noticed. Even though she went around the chair twice, then got down on her hands and knees and looked under it, she couldn’t find them.

She had to wonder. Had they deliberately forgotten to give her some? Did they already know she was planning to escape? Had they read her mind and wanted to keep her here even though they had told her she would be able to leave?

She tried to put some ummph into her words, not whimper if she could help it, but was afraid what came out more of a frightened squeak.

“Shit! They still managed to only answer one question, and damn it all! I still need shoes!”